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Coal Crushing Plant

Coal Crushing Production Line

Coal has played an important role in modern industry. The coal is processed and crushed to increase the efficiency and protect environment. In order to use coal more rationally, efficiently and effectively, the coal need to be processed and crushed into different sizes, 0 ~ 25 mm particle size for coal gas stove , 25 ~ 8 mm for steam locomotive, 25 ~ 6 mm for the industrial furnace, and coal power plant requires grain coal of 0 ~ 25mm.

The general hardness of coal is 1-4. After coarse crushing by jaw crusher, fine crushing by impact crusher, and sieved by vibrating screen, coal can be processed and crushed into different sizes of the requirements. Cathay jaw crusher, impact crusher for coal crushing have been widely used in the coal industry and mining industry, for its high and unique quality. They can crush coal at large quantity and high efficiency. In addition, Cathay vertical shaft impact crusher can crush coal into much smaller sizes to meet specific requirements.
Coal Crushing Plant

Though coal has many usages such as gasification, liquefaction, ethanol production, the major usage is used as fuel and coke. In order to make full use of coal and reduce the pollution of the environment, after the coal have been mined, people usually crush the larger coal block to small one by coal crushing plant, use coal mill or coal pulverizer to grind the coal.

Coal Crushing Plant for producing slack coal

The particle size of slack coal is 0 ~25 mm. The slack coal is often used as combustion agent in steel company, thermal power plant, etc. The consumption of coal is quite large in thermal power plants. Take a 1 million kW thermal power plant for example, coal consumption amounts to 11,000- 13000t a day, which takes 60% ~ 80% of the cost for generating electricity. It is advisable to adopt appropriate coal mill for coal grinding. This can not only improve the utilization of coal, but also contribute to energy saving, environmental protection, economic benefits.

According to the market research, vertical coal mill is used most widely. There are also other grinding mills like traditional Raymond mill, roller mill, trapezium mill, etc. can also meet different requirements for grinding coal into different sizes and types. Customers can choose an appropriate coal according to their specific needs.

Coal Crusher Plant

As a pioneer in coal pulverizer, Cathay has positioned itself well to meet the challenge of supplying coal mill with reliably quality and efficiently at the lowest cost. Cathay can manufacture and supply coal mill for all grades from hard coal to coke coal, our ball mill, High pressure Raymond mill, MTW trapezium mill, MTM trapezium mill, Coarse powder mill and micro powder mill is an ideal choice for power plants. The power plant can equipment different kinds coal mill to meet the required size.

Coal Crusher Plant Working Principle

After the coal has grind to micro powder, it will transported to boilers via a round pipe. The crushed coal is conveyed using primary combustion air into the furnace side of the boiler. The coal powder is feed into the coal mill through a central inlet pipe where gravity is used to lead the coal to the bottom of the coal mill, where the grinding table and heavy rollers of coarse powder pulverizers or micro powder grinding mills pulverizes the coal to particles. The air flow is fed through the mill, with the purpose of heating and lift the coal particles out of the coal mill and into the boiler furnace.