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K-feldspar milling machine grinding equipment

K-feldspar milling machine grinding equipment

K-feldspar milling machine

In the K-feldspar processing applications, milling machine is a necessary equipment, which is responsible for processing the feldspar grinding into a fine powder, and then blended with other materials, and then used in various industrial sectors. There are a lot of K-feldspar grinding processing equipment, our company developed and manufactured MTW European version of the mill is one of the most recognized one of the options.

MTW European version mill as the latest grinding equipment, grinding absorb the latest technology and ideas in Europe, a leading international technical level, and has a number of independent patent property rights. The model uses a bevel gear integral transmission, internal lubrication system, arc air channel number of the latest patented technology. Stable performance, easy operation, low energy consumption; adjustable control product particle size, grinding materials widely used; equipped with special dust, dust emission concentration completely below the national environmental regulations, is budding star of grinding equipment.

With its unmatched superiority, MTW European version mill in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other fields of mineral grinding materials processing is widely used, in addition to K-feldspar, and its limestone, calcite, dolomite, talc , barite, fluorite, quartz, gypsum, activated carbon, cement, coal, kaolin, bentonite, bauxite, diabase, pyrophyllite, illite, shale, slag, slag, etc. Mohs hardness of 9 the following, humidity 10% or less of the various non-flammable and explosive grinding materials processing performance is also very good, is the unanimous recommendation of the powder processing industry best powder processing equipment.

Feldspar processing equipment can be selected according to the different needs from Raymond, ultrafine grinding mill and other equipment. Customers can according to different production needs to choose the right equipment, many customers do not know how to choose the right feldspar mill, let us tell you different feldspar powder mill required to select a different type.

Raymond mill, high pressure suspended roller mill is a common universal milling machine, the kind of mill use more widely, but also the most popular type of milling machine, belonging to the more traditional mill, and the processing fineness is very limited, often we use the grinder to process ore powder less than 300 mesh, with industrial production does not meet the common Raymond industrial needs, so ultrafine mill came into being.

Chunks of feldspar by silo from the feeder evenly sent a break (jaw crusher) for primary crushing, after feldspar crushing by the belt conveyor to two broken (or cone crusher crusher) for further crushing; after crushing feldspar is sent shaker conveyor belt for screening, screening out of several different sizes, different specifications of feldspar, meet the size requirements of feldspar taken from the finished product conveyor belt stockpiles; not satisfied the size requirements of feldspar by a belt conveyor feed back to the crusher or cone crusher for re-crushing to form a closed loop several times. Finished size can be combined according to the needs of users and grading, for the protection of the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary feldspar processing dust removal equipment.

For more information on feldspar production equipment, feldspar grinding equipment, grinding equipment feldspar information, please consult our online customer service and leave your contact information, our sales staff or engineers will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If we produce a general feldspar or feldspar crusher mill does not meet your actual needs, we will according to your feeding, discharging, yield, specific material properties such as hardness custom fit for your long stone production line.