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bentonite drying equipment – fire drum drum dryers

bentonite drying equipment - fire drum drum dryers

The world has more than 40 countries produce bentonite, with an average annual production of more than 9000 million t. The main producing countries: the United States, the former Soviet Union, India, Greece and Japan, production in these countries of the world annual production of 3/4. Among them, the most productive American bentonite.

Bentonite used to make waterproof material, such as bentonite waterproof blanket, waterproof board and its supporting materials, preclude the use of mechanical fastening method laid.

Bentonite comprehensive utilization technology

Bentonite different products, montmorillonite content and genotypes have different requirements, otherwise it is not up to quality standards. Therefore bentonite sorting purification, is the basis for comprehensive utilization of bentonite. Bentonite beneficiation process purification of dry and wet. Dry mainly winnowing of the world more than 90% bentonite concentrates obtained by winnowing. General requirements winnowing feed containing montmorillonite amounted to 80%.

To take full advantage of montmorillonite content of less than 80% of low-grade bentonite, high purity can be obtained by wet smectite ore beneficiation process. Choose a suitable dispersant can be sorted to achieve both purified montmorillonite sodium modification purposes. Wet process to re-elect-based, with a stirring ultrafine grinding mill grinding equipment, cyclone or centrifuge classification, magnetic separation rid of magnetic minerals. Wet process water consumption, dehydration difficult.

An indirect intro to bentonite drying equipment – fire drum drum dryers

Bentonite drying drying method mainly includes direct and indirect drying method. Currently, some manufacturers use bentonite direct drying method, using high-temperature heat pipe heat generated stove – pure hot air, the material was dehydrated, drying, dried directly; some manufacturers use indirect drying method, and the fire drum drum dryer is more advanced indirect drying equipment.

Fire drum drum dryer heat source provided by a solid fuel stove. Burner can use horizontal reciprocating grate or chain grate two types, through its own unique two-stage and two-stage dust combustion structure, the full combustion of the fuel, to provide high-quality high calorific value gas, the thermal efficiency of 80% or more.

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