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Automatic Stone Crusher Plant Price

Automatic Stone Crusher Plant Price

applications of crushed stone

Crushed stone is segregated into various sizes like 35mm, 20mm, 12mm, etc for different uses. Crushed stone aggregates are used for construction of roads, bridges, housing, industrial building construction and other cement based products like RCC pipes, PSC poles, premoulded slabs, frames and beems, etc for fabrication.

crushed stone manufacturing process

The granite stones of various sizes are fed into the jaw crushers for size reduction. Depending on the desired output size of the crushed stone, the raw material may be fed to one or two jaw crushers in a sequence. Then these crushed stones re passed on to the rotary screen for size gradation. Material is handled through a belt conveyor to the different places of operation i.e from jaw crusher to the rotary screen.

SZM stone and sand production line is designed with the benefits of high performance, flexible application, and low energy consumption.

  • 1. Durable moving jaw assembly.
  • 2. Integral cast steel bearing housings.
  • 3. Fast and safe setting adjustment.
  • 4. Reasonable cavity design.
  • 5. Over vibration alarm system.
  • 6. Compact & robust structure.
  • 7. Advanced double pump oil lubrication system minimize the maintenance frequency.

stone crusher plant operation

Use screen for separating dust from grit to avoid stone carry over along with girt;

Segregate small/large size stones manually/mechanically during loading at mines only;

Improve efficiency of screen by counterweight adjustment over the screen eccentric shaft;

Reduce spillage from screen hopper to conveyor belts by providing box type arrangement;

Suitable safety measures shall be provided to protect workers from the ill effect of dust pollution;

Provide optimum inclination of crusher discharge chute for smooth falling of material over conveyor belt;

Suitable exhaust and venting system of adequate capacity to be provided to guide the dust emanating from the crushers in to the staff through cyclone to collect the dust.

stone crusher price and manufacturer

Depending on more 20 years’ experience and high technology, SZM has produced the advanced and high technology machines to meet customers’ production needs. Our advanced crushing equipment with low price cost has helped the local contractors make high profits. Besides, the considerate and all around service is provided to all the clients. If you need more detailed information, you can contact us.